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Bee Keeper :: Automation System Control Application

Bee Keeper is an automation control application for carrying out set of instructions in WASP3D. It is a gateway that provides a standardized medium for communication between WASP3D and various newsroom and production automation systems. Televisions stations are often challenged by inability of these applications to communicate with networked workflows and at times find it difficult to share the metadata properly.

Bee Keeper is a vendor agnostic application developed for seamless integration of WASP3D workflow with production automation and news room control systems (NRCS) such as Aveco, B4M, Dalet, enps, Harris D series, iNews, Norcom, Octopus, Omnibus or any other third party application.

Bee Keeper Workflow

Bee Keeper connects all of the participating systems to WASP3D system. It is configured with dual IP interfaces and provides interface between the automation systems and WASP3D to interact with each other through communication protocols like MOS, GPI, TCP-IP and other standard integration protocols.

With Bee Keeper, one gets the flexibility and control over all external triggers that can be automated. Tight integration with Bee Keeper enables automation systems to control all the features of Sting Client: on-air playout module of WASP3D. User also gets an option of pushing and controlling all or selective content in multiple or one channel by a single click. It allows complete control on graphics playout therefore, acting as a backup playout application.

Bee Keeper is a Windows based application and is capable of interfacing automation and control systems in most of the languages.

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