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Business Graphics :: Real-time Financial Data from Wires, Web & more

Financial stock graphics brings forth a unique example of presenting and managing the enormous data transactions that happen in today's markets. The challenge to show up-to-date financial data is a pre-requisite for any business graphic solution. Integrating single or multiple wire-feeds (Moneyline, Reuters, local newswires etc.) is also a necessity.

"The WASP3D solution is available with a FinWiz plug-in. The FinWiz components are available in the Comb Builder and they help in creating a query based interface for creating graphics like: top gainers, top losers, intra-day fluctuations, 52 week high and low etc.

The FinWiz component also has a feed handler module that communicates with the wire-feed to extract the latest data – and make this data available for the on-air playout."

The WASP3D solution comes bundled with the graph component, which users to display real-time graphs with the latest data.

Developers, interested in building on the existing WASP3D framework can use the Comb Builder. Optionally developers can use COM components in the Comb Builder for custom development.

Typically a business graphics deployment would require the WASP3D solution along with the FinWiz plug-in.

Usage Examples: Markets DOGs, company stock data, top gainers, top losers, intra-day fluctuations, 52 week high and low etc.

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