Augmented Reality and Social Media Graphics to a higher level of interactivity at NAB-2015.

[April 2, 2015] Noida, India - Wasp3D™, provider of state-of-the-art broadcast real-time graphic workflows and virtual set systems, will showcase advanced broadcast graphic systems aimed at helping media companies effectively create, manage and quickly delivering in-depth, visually stunning and sophisticated news presentations in real-time. The presentations will feature a tracked virtual set with augmented reality and social media interaction as well as Wasp3D’s new Community Edition and the FRAME STING SERVER (FSS) for TriCaster™ and for Caspar CG. The Wasp3D™ FRAME STING SERVER (FSS) for TriCaster™ is an IP-based version of the Sting Server engine which produces an IP-stream that is automatically recognized as a source for graphics overlay by TriCaster™.

Sophistication with simplicity is the underlying theme behind WASP3D’s end-to-end content creation and on-air delivery workflow. The presentation will focus on reducing complexity by showcasing WASP3D’s UBT no-programming tools, data integration techniques and ease of importing 3D models without having to recreate attributes or having to “bake” animations. “Broadcasters in more than 40 countries rely on Wasp3D™ to deliver reliable and compelling content that is entertaining, informative and, above all, trusted by the audience. Sophisticated, data driven graphics represent an ever increasing portion of the actual newscast, Wasp3D™, delivers this at the “speed of breaking news” said Alan Richards, Director of Business Development at Beehive Systems. Wasp3D™ is committed to bringing viewers the highest quality real-time graphic systems available. Wasp3D™’s 100+ employees have the collective resume that understands each area of a station’s demands, and therefore, delivers the solutions and workflow innovations needed to customize a vision that solves our client’s business and broadcast challenges. For more information about Wasp3D™ call +1 (770) 627 3960 or email

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About WASP3D - WASP3D offers cutting-edge solutions in the area of content display and presentation for television broadcasters globally. Our innovative solutions include workflow based WASP3D on-air graphics solution; touch screen based non-linear presentation tool, WASPi Mimosa; tracked Virtual Set; WASP3D Character Generation tool and Stereo 3D.

About WASP3D - WASP3D is a networked workflow based Real-time 3D Graphics solution developed specifically for television stations and post-production houses for speedy creation spectacular 3D graphics, content management and its on-air playout. WASP3D is based on futuristic Microsoft DirectX© technology offering real-time graphics rendering that reduces cycle time from design to on-air playout. It is an all-in-one, comprehensive Real-time 3D Graphics solution that can address complex graphics requirements in various application areas including business, elections, news, sports, weather, virtual sets and simulations.

With more than 500 installations and a presence in over 40 countries, WASP3D has helped several broadcasters to better package and present their content and improve the viewer experience.

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