WASP3D™ announces integration with Ncam.

[March 03, 2016] Noida, India - Wasp3D, provider of state-of-the-art broadcast real-time graphic workflows and virtual set systems, is pleased to announce its integration with Ncam AR/VR camera tracking system.

Using Ncam’s markerless camera tracking technology, WASP3D opens up new possibilities in immersive graphics to track are now easier to access, enabling quicker set up and instant tracking anywhere, in studio or on location.

The system provides real-time visualization, making it ideal for 3D augmented presentations, and for animated skeletal mesh, as well as immersive graphics. It can also be used with blue or green screen to provide state-of-the-art virtual sets.

The Ncam Live camera tracking system features a multi-sensor bar that is unobtrusively mounted on the camera and provides real-time data to the Ncam tracking server. Ncam Live provides complete position and rotation information, plus focal length and focus, via industry standard protocols compatible with any VR/AR graphics system. WASP3D captures the information from the Ncam tracking server and matches the physical camera movements to the scene cameras in real-time.

The solution can fit to any broadcast camera configuration, whether dolly, crane, handheld etc. thus, can be used in the existing setups of the broadcast stations. Set-up time is minimal ensuring that there is no delay to the production and no changes to the workflow.

It is suitable for a wide range of applications both indoors and outdoors, across all camera configurations, even hand-held and Steadicam.

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