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Character Generation now a Breeze with WASP3D

WASP3D can act as a single box character generation tool with more features, functionality and flexibility over the legacy CG systems, and with greater ease. User-friendly features like spell & grammar check, emoticons and SMS/tweeter text ingest makes it a breeze for operators to accommodate last minute changes while going on-air.

The WASP3D CG solution tightly integrates with NLE systems, newsroom and automation systems and offers design capabilities for creating 3D graphics and animation. This module utilizes the WASP3D render engine to produce broadcast quality 3D text in real-time supporting Unicode fonts as needed. Randomly used graphics templates (crawls, clocks, timers, in and out etc.) are built-in and can be triggered on-the-fly by entering data manually or via automated data feeds. The WASP3D CG solution can be configured to control a dual channel output.

  • Templatized solution enables real-time changes for all data instances
  • User defined shot-box that can act as a customized playlist for calling the graphics
  • Inbuilt Program and Preview for better playout control
  • Easy creation of counters (with count-up and count-down display) and analogue and digital clocks in variable sizes and positions.
  • Widgets for WASP (WFW): WASP3D CG is compatible with customizable input devices such as touch screens, joysticks, keyboards, and voice recognition etc.
  • Multiple Z orders for designing graphics in single scene.
  • Supports HD & SD video formats
  • Dual channel independent output available

Technical Specifications for CG

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WASP3D Character Generation

Client Speak
"We evaluated the WASP3D solution for our channel, which we eventually have taken up and must say that we are very impressed with the product and its features."
Amit Sen
Technical Head

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