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Comb Builder :: Easy Customization of Broadcast Applications

Comb Builder integrates easy drag-drop controls for creating custom user interface templates for data entry forms in WASP3D scenes. The controls added to a form can simply be associated to WASP3D data tags to be available for data entry.

Comb Builder is now powered by Microsoft VSTA© which utilizes a common, user friendly, easy coding method in creating a custom user interface for data entry applications. Comb Builder is useful in events where complex data graphics, logic and analysis are mandatory in meeting the requirements of elections, sports, or business news programming.

For Developers of Broadcast Applications
Comb Builder includes a comprehensive visual programming IDE, supporting C#.NET and VB.NET. Developers can create complex data driven interfaces using Comb Builder. The user can connect to databases, wire-feeds, RSS feeds and data gateways to build automation support for data entry. In addition, it offers a host of options like publishing WASP3D templates, custom playlist creation, shotbox SDK application, WASPi Mimosa code behind, better GUI, IDE integrated help and many more controls & features available in .Net 2.0/3.5

Microsoft VSTA© for Complex Data Graphics (Visual IDE)
WASP3D offers very common and easy scripting for writing customized broadcast applications. Everything in the workflow is programmable from the playlist including instance types, data entry interfaces, shot boxes etc. based on the visual studio 2008. For complex data driven graphics, WASP3D offers a SDK (software developers kit), which allows writing custom broadcast applications in sports, business, elections & live events and more.

Key Features

  • Form creation tool for automated data entry
  • Flexibility to design custom user-interfaces
  • Create and debug of custom playlists
  • Create and debug of widgets and add-ins for WASPi Mimosa
  • Flexibility to control instance types, data entry interfaces, shot boxes etc., from within a playlist
  • Easy programming for writing custom applications
  • Visual Programming IDE supporting C#.NET and VB.NET
  • SDK to support complex data graphics
  • Includes commonly used features of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008© IDE like debugging, code completion, auto completion and form designing.

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Client Speak
"We have been using WASP3D for our On-Air graphics on Zee Business - the solution is user friendly and integrates with real time financial data from one of the data sources with great ease." "WASP3D team has been very supportive during installation, integration and after sales support."
Vijayant Kumar
Associate V.P.- I.T
Zee Business