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Digital Signage :: Real-time Data driven Networked Signage

Digital signage consists of a network of electronic display screen (LED, Plasma, LCD panels) which is integrated with a playout engine at back end, displaying dynamic multi-media content which is aimed at disseminating information to the targeted audience in retail outlets, malls, campuses, railway stations, airports etc. WASP3D offers a networked workflow based graphics system using which an organization can design, manage and deliver content (video, tickers, advertising strap, graphics, audio etc.) to all or selected points of display (POD) in a much more presentable manner.

WASP3D Digital Signage solution is tailored to address specific requirements for your organization and helps you:

  • Get broadcast-quality graphics for enhanced presentation
  • Relay targeted advertising and content through grouping of outlets based on event, region, zone, demographics etc
  • Have better control over the content to be broadcasted with a flexibility to broadcast on single, multiple or selected locations
  • Provide live data such as news, business, sports update integrated as XML feeds
  • Manage data centrally using powerful asset exchange
  • Reduce overall cost of distributing content in case of a multi-location setup

Compared to a traditional digital signage system, WASP3D workflow provides real-time rendering and enables total control (centralized) of the content to be broadcasted. Content to be broadcasted can be centrally created and packaged with eye-catchy 3D graphics using the Drone Designer module. It offers centralized media asset management (through WASP3D Asset eXchange) and local playout at multiple delivery points.

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Client Speak
"We evaluated the WASP3D solution for our channel, which we eventually have taken up and must say that we are very impressed with the product and its features."
Amit Sen
Technical Head

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