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Drone Designer :: Rapid 3D Graphics Creation

Drone Designer is the graphics creation module of WASP3D workflow system. Highly intuitive interface with a low learning curve, Drone Designer allows a graphic artist to generate, manipulate, animate and visualize with 3D objects with great ease.

The solution is equipped with ready to use design effects such as refraction, reflection, X-ray, lightening textures, real-time cloth, text effect, tile effect and many more.

New Design Effects and Features
Unified Basic Templating (UBT)
One of the major features introduced in Drone Designer is the ability to design the ‘Data Input’ user interface of the graphics template. Users can simply drag-drop the defined variable elements (User-Tags) to that it can be easily used by television stations of any size for their basic data driven graphics requirements without writing complex codes.

Widgets for WASP (WFW)
Drone Designer comes with a unique quick access ‘Touch Screen Toolbar’ which enables the user to move commonly used controls such as pan, zoom or rotate on a separate touch screen monitor.

Real-time Reflection & Refractions
Add realism to your scene graphs with Real-time Refraction including flat mirrors using snapshot textures. Give your object(s) a see through glass like Real-time Reflection using Render Target Textures.
Phong Shading – HLSL Shaders
With the same number of polygons, achieve realistic visual representation of the scene objects. The specular highlights in Phong tend to be more accurate and the vertex highlights much sharper. WASP3D also offers Gouraud and Flat Shading modes.
3D Text with Character Based Effects
Text effects provide the flexibility of spline based character-wise animations. Graphic Artist can create custom character animations: type-write, fly-ins, erase, translate, scale and rotate-on the characters local or global transformation axis. The text objects can be defined to act as Countdowns, Date, Time objects, Clock objects, Integers and more.
Particle System & Particle Dynamics
Real-time emitter based particles with wind, gravity, speed parameters help in achieving realistic effects. Objects & shapes can also be the emitted particles of the particle system. Graphic Designer can now create realistic explosions, water, snow, rain & more.
Real time Shadows
Shadows based on scene lights with shadow casting and receiving functionality. Drone. Artists also have the flexibility to have 2D shadows based on Offset and Angles.
Shape File Imports (.shp)
Import ESRI geospatial vector data format and assign colors to the database associated polygons. Shape file database shows the region names in poly data property where you can set the column name as area code, state name etc. and can drag-drop colors for individual polygon from the color swatch provided.
Real-time Bump Mapping
Real-time Bump Mapping adds realism to rendered surfaces where lighter (whiter) areas of the texture map appear to be raised, and darker (blacker) areas appear to be low. This result is a richer, more detailed surface representation.

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Client Speak
"We evaluated the WASP3D solution for our channel, which we eventually have taken up and must say that we are very impressed with the product and its features."
Amit Sen
Technical Head

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