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Election Graphics :: Info Graphics for Elections & Game Shows

Television stations require a comprehensive solution for live events - be it elections, live shows involving interaction with viewers or simply developing a shopping/auction channel. The need for collating, processing, analyzing viewer inputs and converting them into real time on-air graphics can easily be managed with the WASP3D solution.

WASP3D offers tools to display live analytical graphics using pie charts, bars, tickers and lower-thirds. Templates can be connected to databases or integrate with wire-feeds, data-gateways, web sources, RSS feeds and other data providers to analyze the results while on-air. Using WASP3D 2009, television stations can make the entire election coverage much more interactive and interesting. It allows the anchor to present the analysis such as vote tally, swing, poll results, leading constituencies, vote share etc. on a touch screen panel or video wall.

The presenter is in total control as he can pan, zoom, stretch, spin the graphics at the touch of the fingers. For more details on WASPi, click here. Developers can use the WASP3D workflow to automate the entire workflow for real-time 'Live' data presentation. You can use the Comb Builder to create the Data feed handler application and plug it into the WASP3D system. Alternatively, one can create separate applications, which populate the data into DB and use the WASP3D interface to extract the latest data and present it as graphs, pie, results etc.

Video Clips
Courtesy: MBC, South Korea


South Korea
Antena 3, Romania

Antena 3

Courtesy: Future TV, Lebanon

Future TV
Courtesy: Star News, India

Star News

Courtesy: YTN, Korea


Courtesy: Star Haber

Star Haber


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