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Live & Historical Info Graphics for Sports

Sports graphics is a demanding application field – where historical and live data presentation is required instantaneously for display. Apart from simple data graphics, one is also looking for a flexible and open system that allows creating complex computations to present play analysis, predictions, contests, and viewer interaction, polls, play simulations etc.

The WASP3D architecture is modular and flexible to suit both - DEVELOPMENT and DEPLOYMENT environments. Developers can use the Comb Builder to program higher levels of interactivity and logic and can create complex data driven interface applications using C#.NET or VB.NET. The Comb Builder is a complete visual IDE that allows developers to plug-in existing COM components. Even the flexibility to re-design new playout controllers for triggering the Sting On-Air engine is provided. The deployment environment would contain the Hive and the On-Air Sting engines and clients.

The WASP3D solution is also suited for software development companies providing graphics automation services in various sports.

Usage Examples: Name straps, timers, clocks, score DOGs, line-ups, scorecards, player stats, player info graphics, live data analysis etc.

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Star News

Star News, India

Star News
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