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WASP3D Overview :: Interactive Broadcast Graphics

WASP3D is a workflow based Real-time 3D Graphics Solution designed for television broadcasters who are looking to present their content in a rich, engaging and an interactive way. WASP3D comes with a touch screen application that makes the presentation much more impressive, interactive and easy. Be it elections, business, live events, sports or weather, anchors and reporters can now demonstrate information like weather updates, vote swings, change in stock prices, currency fluctuations and more with a simple touch of a flat panel display or video wall.

WASP3D offers a touch-screen based application that gives the user (anchor) extreme flexibility and total control over the graphics system. So, instead of using a mouse click, you are using your hands for pointing and clicking and causing an interaction on the screen.

Gestures & touches; stretches & spins; zoom & pan; you can play around with the graphics at the touch of your fingers.

WASP3D Network Diagram

WASP3D comes with unique UBT (Unified Basic Templating) feature that largely helps in speeding up the workflow by allowing graphic artists to create design interface in the Drone Designer module. The solution supports both High Definition and Standard Definition video formats.

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Client Speak
"Graphics packaging form an integral part of content today for a television broadcaster. There is no doubt that our viewership has seen an upward trend with the use of 3D graphics by WASP3D."
Badri Prasad
Head Technical - TV9

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