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Election coverage is the flagship of WASP3D’s expertise in visually compelling storytelling. Election coverage is all about achieving the highest ratings by being first and getting it right. These days, the public consumes news information from many sources other than television, so providing comprehensive analysis and insight is more important than ever. WASP3D offers the solution to managing complex data from multiple feeds and instantly converting it to dynamic and engaging visual real-time information.

WASP3D combines interactive graphics in Video Walls, Touch-screens and Virtual sets in to a comprehensive workflow in addressing how to best realize the producer’s vision of the elections coverage. Sophisticated augmented reality representation and high polygon modelling make virtual environments more realistic and better equipped to tell even the most complex news development. Advanced character generation and social media intelligence tools, coupled with comprehensive database capabilities to integrate live feeds and historical data, consolidates information into easy to understand and engaging presentations; even in the most complex political scenarios. WASP3D integrates multiple types of data, from opinion and exit polls, to official numbers and social media trends, and helps producers identify emerging stories.

Beehive Systems is highly experienced in delivering state of the art elections visuals, especially in countries where political contests feature dozens of parties and hundreds of candidates. Broadcasters can rely on our consulting and staffing services to address data integration challenges to deliver a “turnkey” elections solution or can count on our assistance to guide them in doing it themselves. Either way, our company has delivered success in dozens of elections around the world.

Key Features

Data Integration

One of the key tasks in a dynamic live production like elections broadcast is handling multiple sources of information simultaneously. The WASP3D workflow integrates seamlessly to elections data, including live automated data feeds, web sources, historical databases and RSS feeds; or social media sources in order to consolidate all information into a single user interface and simplify the producer’s on-air decisions.

Interactive workflow

Beyond typical touch screen capabilities, the WASPi-Mimosa non-linear interactive workflow enables each graphical element to be data driven and controlled through any of 42 touch gestures thus reducing the possibility of presentation errors while on-air. Anchors can storyboard content and provide in-depth analysis with greater confidence as they have complete control over the graphics presentation. The interactive workflow encompasses a variety of presentation environments such as Video Walls, Virtual Sets, Augmented reality and of course, large touchscreens and tablets.

Custom creative and consulting services

Beehive systems offers custom creative and consulting services to cover every aspect of an election broadcast, from concept, planning and graphic design to database and workflow integration, to complete project management and operation. Consulting services vary from design and concept design, all the way to on-site operation and handholding. We have developed consultative services to achieve faster time to value, increased productivity, and lower overall implementation costs. All of our solutions are completely scalable, providing tools that can assess and address diverse requirements of a TV station or an entire TV network.

A single workflow applies to different types of presentations

A key advantage of the WASP3D workflow is that the same authoring environment can address the design requirements of all types of graphic presentation. Be it advanced character generation, social media integration, video walls or virtual sets & augmented reality, everything is done within the same workflow. This simplifies the integration of data feeds, interactive controls and how the presentations are operated and triggered.

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