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Virtual Studio :: Next to Realism

WASP3D Virtual Set enables broadcasters to composite in real-time computer generated 3D environments with live action video shot on blue/green screen backdrops. This seamless integration is achieved by tracking the pan/tilt/zoom data of the real camera and mapping them to the WASP3D scene camera. WASP3D also offers the creation of a tracked Garbage matte, so a small green wall set can be designed to visually look like a vast infinite studio. The WASP3D Virtual Set is modular and scalable. Broadcast stations can start from a single engine virtual set output with video routing of the live cameras to multiple 'n' camera mapped virtual set engines (offering separate program & preview functionality of the virtual set). WASP3D On-air graphics can also be integrated inside the virtual set to enhance the content presentation capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Real-time rendering using powerful WASP3D engine.
  • Tracked camera movement for hassle free production.
  • Separate virtual set and graphics creation and playlist management allows reusing the same virtual set with a variety of graphics and offers the producer the flexibility to pick different combinations from the playlist.
  • Tracked Garbage Matte for a wider shooting range and better camera panning
  • Easy transition from one set to another
  • Supports both HD/ SD video formats

Video Clips
Headlines Today, India

Headlines Today

Virtual Set for Business Graphics

Virtual Set

Business Graphics
Virtual Sets for Election Graphics

Virtual Set

Election Graphics
Virtual Set for Sports Graphics

Virtual Set

Sports Graphics
Virtual Set for Weather Graphics

Virtual Set

Weather Graphics

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