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WASPi Mimosa :: The Touch of Freshness

WASPi Mimosa is an application that allows designers to create interactive 3D graphics that can be displayed on a touch screen and can be controlled by the anchor/presenter. It allows the user to present the content (zoom, pan, stretch, spin) at the touch of fingers. For creating interactive content, designers can create various objects and animation inside the scene and mark them as 'Interactive Enabled' to allow various objects related operations to be performed on it from the WASPi Mimosa application. The designer can also bind various activities like an animation play or pause to be performed when a specific gesture is performed on a specified object.

WASPi Mimosa has the following options in the runtime:

  1. Camera Options: This allows the user to move the viewing camera to zoom, pan or rotate across the scene.
  2. Object Actions: These are various actions which can be done on individual items in the scene. These include translation, rotation or scaling operations. When designing the scene in the WASP3D Drone Designer, the designer can lock objects to not animate at all or can specify only the operations permitted on an object. These locks can also be applied on individual X, Y or Z axis.
  3. Gestures: When in this mode the application detects mouse/single touch as gestures and sends them to the engine, which, in turn, detects any predefined gestures based on actions defined in the scenes created by the WASP3D Drone Designer application. If a match is found then those action(s) are performed. There is a special type of action which defines that certain gestures on certain nodes will navigate back to the Comb Builder based addin. The user can than perform a custom action on this action, like changing the viewing angle of the entire scene or get some data from a database and update the user interface.
  4. Drawing: Create various pens, highlighters, arrows, ellipses and rectangles for telestration purposes.

WASPi Mimosa provides various features to the end user, some of which are as follows:

  1. Pan, zoom or rotate across the current scene.
  2. Scale, rotate or translate objects inside the current scene in all three dimensions.
  3. Recognize gestures (tablet PC one's) and propagate this to the engine to perform pre-defined actions. These actions can be hard-coded in the scene itself using the WASP3D Drone Designer application or in an associated Comb Builder addin which can dynamically interact with the scene.
  4. Customizable UI to allow users to add or remove functionality in the application using application level addins.
  5. Scene addins allow data-binding to a data source and dynamic updates while the scene is on air.
  6. The application allows hit test inside complex polygon's to determine its locations on maps.

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