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Drone Designer-TV Graphics Design Software

DataBuzz - Television Production Software for Data Management is the data management client application in the WASP3D enterprise workflow. WASP3D scene templates created by a graphic artist using Drone Designer are available across all WASP3D modules so journalists, producers, and other non-design personnel can select templates, enter/modify available data fields, preview a real-time render of the template with the new data and then, post to a rundown. DataBuzz – broadcast data integration enables broadcast stations to generate graphics content on the fly while maintaining the visual identity of the channel. Stations using NRCS software can use the ActiveX MOS compliant version of DataBuzz to generate graphics within newsroom systems such as Avid iNEWS, ENPS and others.

Key Features

Programs & Playlist

The WASP3D Sting Server can simultaneously render and play out multiple graphics from different playlists (rundowns). A collection of playlists is defined as a Program. Users can define the z-order (layering) of each playlist in a Program and this defines the render order (layers) during on-air playout

Playlist Management

DataBuzz – Cloud based data integration platform hosts multiple types of playlists based on the intended use during on-air operations

Standard Playlist

DataBuzz – event scheduling software offers a rundown based playlist of graphics, typically used by news-based stations not using a NRCS system. The Standard playlist can be used for PCR graphics in a manual mode and for scrollers and crawlers in an automated mode.

Panel Playlist

Live on-air events, such as sports or elections, often require a non-linear triggering mechanism, therefore the Panel Playlist simplifies operations by customizing the layout so only ready to use templates can be played out instantaneously.

Render Playlist

The Render Playlist “renders to file” any template added to its rundown. This playlist works in tandem with the WASP3D R2D server and is used for generating graphics for post-production needs (i.e. NLE, mobile, web, etc.).

Virtual Set Playlist

Users requiring multi-camera tracked and trackless virtual sets can use the Virtual Set Playlist to load and play out a single scene on multiple Sting Servers. This enables the on-air operator to setup multiple camera views on different Sting Servers.

Advertisement Playlist

Advertisements that are part of the graphics workflow can be scheduled for an automated playout. The Advertisement Playlist lets users define the number of times a specific advertisement must be played out per defined time slot.

Pool Windows

Pool Windows host the collection of programs, playlists, templates and data. Using Pool Windows, operators can use the search filter to query the WASP3D database to drag and drop templates or data posted in playlists to a specific playlist

Run Down Features

TIME BASED GROUPS During an automated playout of rundown, operators can use time based groups to define templates that need to be played out at specified time slots. TRIGGER EVENTS Trigger Events can be raised to create interactions between on-air templates. GO TO INSTANCE Helps to skip the rundown sequence and move to a specified location in the rundown.

Real-Time Graphics Preview

Identify and minimize visual errors before submitting to On-air playout. The WASP3D rendering window in Databuzz, pre-visualizes final On-air graphics with the data posted/modified.

User Rights Management

Through the DataBuzz user rights management function, rights to access, delegate, limit functional roles are available to DataBuzz operators

WAX, Media Asset Integration

All DataBuzz clients have access to the WASP3D asset management module WAX (Wasp Asset Exchange) to locate media assets in the WAX database and drag and drop them (images, videos) in the template for playout. WAX enables users to catalog, tag and store media assets such as photographs or videos in the WAX database for easy retrieval.

Video Samples

APN Election Graphics