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NLE Plugin

Video Editing and adding/ editing text is inherent at any Broadcast Station before a story goes on-air. Producers often find adding graphics to video content for broadcast or streaming, which is time consuming.

WASP3D brings you NLE Plugin & Render to Disk (R2D) to templatize 3D CG overlays and manage video editor’s rendering needs for a faster production.

NLE Plugin allows editors to access all templates and scenes created only once by designers, within the edit software’s environment, thus ensuring a quicker delivery of videos.

Once a template is created and saved in Drone Designer, the NLE - Real-time Video Editor & Text Adder Tool allows access for modification of the template as per need. For e.g. A template for Name Strap needs to be created only once by the designer. This template, can be accessed directly in the edit environment by the editor through NLE - Live video editor and text adder software and can be modified or updated then and there. This eliminates the need to resort to offline software to re-create or re-render overlays.

Load templates to the timeline with a simple drag and drop. Fully control and customize variables like data, colors, layouts etc., to create new refreshing looks from a single template. Drastically reduce back and forth of files with the graphic department.

R2D - Render-to-disk, smoothly renders 3D graphics and videos to optimize aired content. File formats & Compressions can be selected, which helps user to render the same data and template in various video formats (e.g. render with alpha, render with compression codecs, render various video formats, png or tiff image sequences) thus saving time and effort.

The tool caters to three different target segments mentioned below:

  • Satellite Channels with on-air requirements of story graphics.
  • Satellite Channels with online content requirement for their website/OTT platform.
  • Website producing video content.

Target audience and advantages of using NLE/R2D per target segment.

Satellite Channels for on-air requirements of story graphics

  • Editors can load and compile all 3D graphic elements on their edit timeline within the WASP3D workflow, without the need of creating physical files and thus minimizing need for multiple renders.
  • NLE plugin allows editors to access all graphic templates and scenes created by designers within the environment of the video & text edit software and ensures a streamlined on-air video delivery.
  • Content or design changes in templates can be affected in real-time. Create multiple looks from a single template.
  • Users can choose to select file formats per instance, so user can make copy of the same instance and render one in MP4, MOV and other in AVI or Image Sequence of PNG or JPEG etc. This way users can have one render for broadcast and the other for their website.

Satellite Channels with online content requirement for their website/OTT platform.

  • Broadcast channels also offering similar content on their website can now retain the visual consistency of the channel by using the same templatized CG graphic overlays for their videos.
  • R2D can be used to render Real-time 3D broadcast graphics and videos in various formats with various compression formats to optimize content for web.
  • R2D playlist is automated and it automatically renders all the scenes added to it. It allows users to take videos on timeline and add required graphics.
  • Users can add and update product advertisements or secondary graphics if required.
  • Options to Renders with alpha channel and better compression for quicker usage and implementation on edit table.

Websites producing video content.

  • Non-linear video editors can use templatized 3D graphics. While packaging Real-time video content, tasks like updating the name band, L band promotions, bugs or tickers can be done quickly without going to offline graphic software.
  • To change the template data or look and feel, numerous variable controls are available in the edit environment.
  • Reduce communication time and dependency on designer to reflect render changes or iterations.

Video Samples

Importing WASP Template in EDIUS