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The Sting On-Air Playout – TV Channel Broadcasting Software is the graphics delivery (playout) application. Designed for performance, the Sting On-Air Playout, the broadcast playout software delivers real-time 3D graphics in either of two modes: automated triggering of graphics for unattended operations and manual triggering for production control-based delivery. In the manual mode, the playout component recognizes defined user actions (pause points, continue, play, etc.) and waits for the operator’s decision to proceed.

On-Air Playout, the Channel broadcasting software consists of the Sting Server and the Sting Client. The Sting Server is the real-time rendering engine that generates the graphics as video I/O (key and fill). The Sting Client is the controlling application to the Sting Server. In a networked WASP3D architecture, operators have the flexibility to control and playout graphics to any of the Sting Servers on the network. Conversely, multiple Sting Client operators can trigger graphics on a single WASP3D Sting Server simultaneously.

Playout Mechanisms

Video Samples

Korea Election
APN - WASP3D Video Wall
PAN American Games - Rede Record