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Secondary Graphics Management

WASP3D holds the key to let channels overcomes the challenges of Last minute changes to the rundown and daily manual entry of secondary graphics like lower third 3D Scroller, clock timer, On air time display, Trading tickers, event countdowns widget, real-time Logo display, promotional bugs or any other CG template through its Channel Branding Solutions – Nectar, a “Rule Based” automated secondary graphics Insertion platform or commonly known as a channel branding solution for TV programs.

Nectar imports run-orders produced by third-party scheduling softwares. Using the schedule file, the rule engine populates the secondary graphic instances for every show segment.

These run-orders are used both by Nectar and the automation system like NRCS, resulting in the rundowns becoming synchronized between the two. Any last minute modifications in the automation system will be reflected in the playlist. This also eliminates the need of adding GPI devices to send commands to the graphic systems.

The Nectar - Rule engine defines which 3D graphic instances or secondary graphic planned to appear before or after the start, or end time for each program segment. These graphic instances are ready to be played out as and when the command is received from the automation system. By creating rules just once the user can avoid constant and repetitive creation and playout of instances.

Graphics like Back In (on video Commercials), Now/Next “Program Name”, Up Next or Coming Up can automatically be inserted using logic driven, offset based rules. The life time and scheduling of these rules can be defined, thus eliminating the need to manually add all the secondary events.

Nectar's network-based workflow is scalable, catering to single and multi-channel networks

Key Design Features

User designed Digital & Analog Clock or Custom countdown clock functions can display multiple clocks simultaneously with time offsets. The clock add-in lets users wire (i.e. link) any scene object as a hand of a clock.

Easily create 3D scrollers and rolls Day count widget and connect them to external data sources such RSS feeds, Excel and SQL databases among others.

Nectar Channel Branding Solutions Features

Triggers can be generated within a scene or across multiple scenes. When multiple scenes are simultaneously played, the scene triggers can automatically modify the position, animation of the templates. E.g. When a lower-third Scroller is on-air, the next graphics triggered can be positioned to appear above the lower-third. When the lower-third is not On-air, the graphic can appear at its original position.

Zee Entertainment Enterprises, an Indian mass media company, headquartered in Mumbai with worldwide presence reaching to over 959 million viewers across 169 countries. It is also one of the largest producers and aggregators of Hindi programming with a library of over 120,000 hours of televised content. Zee installed Nectar | Secondary Graphics - Channel Branding Solution for TV Programs at their Tamil-language television network - Zee Tamil.

Zee has been predominantly using WASP3D’s solution for its playout efficiency and ability to minimize manual scheduling.