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WAX | Broadcast Asset Management

TV stations often find it challenging to manage the large volumes of files like photographs, textures, 3d models etc. being generated daily.

WASP3D Asset eXchange commonly known as (WAX) is a data management tool and a newsroom automation solution for Broadcasters designed for sharing, managing and cataloging media files. WAX provides the flexibility to centralize high end graphics in one location through a distributed model where all departments collaborate and submit files (Images, Illustrator shapes, videos, textures) that can be accessed across the network.

WAX is a robust asset management system that seamlessly integrates with existing applications and provides users with a quicker file search.

WAX takes advantage of a multi-level workflow comprising of

WAX Client

WAX Client, the front-end Interface, where multiple users within the broadcast network submit media files in the form of models, shapes, textures and assign respective attributes commonly known as metadata to prepare a repository.

Attributes defined to a media files are known as Metadata, which are descriptive in nature like file name, file description, lifetime defining the expiry date of the file in Days, file owner, creation date and file category. Metadata tagging categorizes files for quick & easy access.

Keywords can be defined within the metadata tags which helps in differentiating similar files from one another. Detailed description of the files can further be defined like creation date or time-stamps, author’s name, file type which is used for advanced data search.

WAX Server

WAX Server acts as a data hive, working in tandem with the WAX Client, to keep a track of all media files used within a department’s workflow. Any changes made in the WAX server or the WAX client are instantly reflected across the network to all users.

For Example: if the Journalist wants a happy image of a Lionel Messi to be inserted in the template, he would simple search in the keywords section - “Lionel Messi”. WAX will List down all images of the Lionel Messi in the eXchange. From the image pool if the journalist types “Lionel Messi happy”. The image will be highlighted. This image can be directly dragged and dropped in the template for Playout.

Key Features

  • Streamlines the process of data management and storage for easier access and distribution of files.
  • Provides users the flexibility to search files based on metadata and provides a thumbnail view of media- files for easier navigation.
  • The easy-to-use drag & drop feature allows users to transfer files directly into the Drone Designer, the designing application of WASP3D, DataBuzz or any other WASP3D modules.

WAX is a utility tool that integrates with most popular newsroom control systems like ENPS, Avid iNEWS, Imagine, NorCom, Octopus to name a few.