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Amhara Mass Media Agency or AMMA, the television, radio and newspaper news organization owned by the Amhara Region government in Ethiopia has opted for WASP3D - Live Broadcast TV Graphics & Live Streaming Solutions for its channel.

The multi-genre channel has taken steps to streamline its production workflow. They have opted for WASP3D television broadcast solutions, designed to deliver real time 3D graphics, virtual sets, touch screen presentations and augmented reality graphics for live television programs.

nstead of being dependent of offline software that consume time & money, Amhara TV can now create powerful templated graphics, integrate with all major newsroom computer systems, edit graphics on the go, spin engaging stories with Virtual Sets, AR Graphics and Interactive Multi-touch presentations.

A Quick Glimpse of What we exactly mean by Templated Graphics

The fully functional transition for the government channel took place seamlessly with two members from WASP3D present onsite. However the 24X7 Support team was handling all the necessary requirements of the live production setup remotely.

About WASP3D

WASP3D offers a broad range of real-time 3D broadcast graphics solutions for Television Broadcasters & Live Streamers, eager to enhance their creativity and simplify their production workflow.

WASP3D’s end to end broadcast TV Graphics workflow enables quick on-air delivery of content. It is designed to streamline production & enhance visual quality to publish across all media platforms.

With 400+ installations in more than 40 countries, our dedicated team provides round the clock support to customers for Election Broadcast Services, Sports Presentations, eSports Live Production, News Telecast & Business Graphics. Our tools offer journalists the ability to design TV broadcast 3D graphics right from the newsroom and manage multiple media files with real-time playout.

We provide the necessary tools, every Live content producer requires to create visually engaging content. Our advanced software includes virtual set solutions, data integrated AR Graphics, API Integrated eSports game graphics, 3D Character generators (Channel Logo, Lower thirds, L bands, Tickers, Live Bugs) for an engaging storytelling experience. WASP3D supports NDI (Network Device Interface) Integration, IP Based Cameras, Multi-Camera Switching, Multi-Video Window Simulations/ SIMSAT (Zoom Calls) & Filtered Social Media Feed Integration.

Marketing & PR Contact

Nalin Mishra
Marketing Manager
Email : [email protected]