OGN (formerly known as Ongamenet), South Korean television channel hosted the major gaming events AIC 2018 Grand Finals: Arena of Valor in Bangkok, using WASP3D’s leading Augmented Reality Broadcast Graphics Solution.

2018 Arena of Valor International Championship featured sixteen teams from different regions, including India for the first time. First released in 2016, Arena of Valor is a mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game published by Tencent and Garena for Android, Nintendo Switch and iOS. The game is popular in Asia, especially in China and Southeast Asia. Arena of Valor has a fast-growing eSports scene with competitive leagues in Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia. Last year, from November to December the game took the next step with the International Championship in Bangkok, Thailand. Sixteen teams from the different regions competed for the title and a portion of the $600,000 (£460,000) prize pool. The teams were qualified according to the standings in the different leagues.

WASP3D team worked in tandem with the organizers throughout the event. With a 24X7 graphical and technical support from WASP3D, the audience could see life size real-time 3D graphics of the players, player information in rich text formats, augmented reality maps, opening performance montage and 4k models of game characters – the highlight of which was massive augmented reality Dragon and the Dark Slayer on the stage. The solution helped gamers develop team profiles, player profiles, check on game progress and achievements, form groups for clans to chat with multiple gamers simultaneously. All graphics during the event, were rendered in real-time within the WASP3D engine.

Arena of Valor International Championship 2018, Bangkok came to an end with the final 4 teams fighting very hard to win the title! In the end, J Team emerged victorious in the one of most prominent AOV eSports, taking down team Flash, 4:0.

Collaborating with OGN, WASP3D, with its Augmented Reality Broadcast Graphics Solution made a quantum leap in the world of media and virtual production and achieved a real strong physical and emotional connect with the over 1.12 million audiences during the 24.61 million hours of watch time thereby breaking all boundaries ever recorded in live broadcast.

At WASP3D, our goal is to provide compelling and engaging real-time visually intriguing content to captivate viewers, enhance production value and rope in more advertisers for the broadcast station. The process involved Integration of augmented reality broadcast solution with cloud data sources which helped OGN, enrich production value and execute its lively AR presentations.

WASP3D, the world’s leading Virtual Augmented Broadcast Graphics platform uses tracking data from camera to map the physical space with computer generated 3D content for live games. WASP3D Augmented reality is the most flexible and high-quality solution which alters one's ongoing perception of a real-world environment which were visible on the large screens during the event.

Online gaming has exploded and given rise to eSports where teams of gamers compete against each other in leagues and tournaments that are broadcast online to audiences of thousands. Studios around the world bring gamers, analysts and fans together to enjoy the frenzy of such competitions. WASP3D AR system is best suited for channels with any size studio space, who want to save costs on set designs and transform their presentations to visually more interesting and engaging. WASP3D can also be integrated with data from cloud data sources to enrich production value and make for lively augmented reality presentations for News Broadcast, Elections Presentations, Sports Production and even Weather Updates. In case of Augmented Reality Sports Broadcast Graphic Productions other than eSports, AR graphics can be integrated with Opta Sports to enrich production value.

“The Global eSports market is a rapidly growing; as an industry we expect it to be worth around over a $1.5 billion within the next few years catering to over millions of viewers. The expectations of production values of the broadcasters are ever increasing in-line with the size of the industry. The versatility that WASP3D offers have been crucial in helping us deliver extremely high-quality content in our unique production environment” - comments Tushar Kothari - Director- WASP3D.

About WASP3D

WASP3D offers cutting-edge technologies in content display and presentation for television broadcasters globally. Our innovative solutions include workflow based on-air graphics, touch screen presentation tool, Augmented reality graphics, eSports & Virtual Set Studio.

WASP3D empowers creative artists to effortlessly integrate graphics with data for quickly delivering visually stunning content for elections, weather, news, business & sports presentations in real-time.With hundreds of installations in more than 40 countries, the dedicated team of WASP3D provides round the clock support to their customers.

WASP3D has more than hundreds of installations worldwide and its clients include broadcasters like Televisa, Astro Awani, Zee Business, WION, ETV, MTV Beats, Doordarshan, Derana, JRTV, MMTV, TV9, TV One, Dawn news, TV5, Al Rai TV, Kuwait TV, Al Rayyan, Nation Broadcasting Corporation, K24, KBC, MBC Korea and many more. The company is headquartered in New Delhi, India.