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[September 06, 2016] New Delhi, India - WASP3D, a provider of on-air realtime 3D graphics solutions has recently completed election project with Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) for the coverage of the Presidential Elections.

ECZ, the public broadcaster of Zambia is operated by the government. It awarded the service contract to WASP3D in July for a turnkey solution to execute Presidential elections within a given timeframe. ECZ required WASP3D to create standard on-air news graphics along with the use of interactive application WASPi-Mimosa for election presentations.


The Challenge: Besides the accountability of handling data which is coming live from 156 constituencies, expected votes to come in large numbers and showing all the information to viewers in real-time and analyzing it to derive meaningful information.

The 2016 presidential elections were different and difficult for ECZ in more ways than one. This was the first time that ECZ had decided to cover the presidential elections live and they decided to use real-time 3D graphics to display up-to-date results and analysis.

To broadcast exclusive live coverage, they needed an experienced team to create templates showing vote and polling statistics, historical data, vote swing comparisons, candidate profiles etc.

Workflow designed by WASP3D for ECZ:

Workflow designed by WASP3D for ECZ: The need of the hour was a robust graphics system that offers rapid creation of rich looking info-graphics; manage and play out of ECZ election graphics with real-time integration of election data and display across multiple zones on the screen.

Weeks prior to the elections, WASP3D team completed an analysis of the client requirements and planned out the complete project to make sure the execution is flawless. WASP design team in India designed the graphic templates as per ECZ requirements and execute the whole project which features:

Realtime Automated Data Integration, the entire process of integration of data with the graphics template was automated. As realtime data was being made available from each constituency, the data would be immediately picked up by WASP3D™.

Live Broadcast with Scores of Full-frame 3D Graphics, depicting various scenarios were generated all through the polling day and the day the votes were counted. The graphics illustrated up-to-the-second developments of elections across Egypt, including – top candidates, top leading contender, vote share comparison with the previous elections, vote swing for or against a particular alliance.

24/7 Live Results with Fully Automated ‘Lower Third’ Besides full frame graphics, WASP3D™ also aired continuous live results by means of the ‘lower third’ graphic running in an automated mode - 24/7. The ‘lower third’ ran without any manual intervention showing information on each constituency, covering - top leading candidates, national tally, top alliances, candidates likely to become president etc.

Interactive workflow, using WASPi-Mimosa that enables each graphical element to be data driven and controlled through any touch gestures thus reducing the possibility of presentation errors while on-air. Anchors can storyboard content and provide in-depth analysis with greater confidence as they have complete control over the graphics presentation.

About WASP3D

WASP3D offers cutting-edge technologies in content display and presentation for television broadcasters globally. Our innovative solutions include workflow based on-air graphics, touch screen presentation tool, Augmented reality graphics, eSports & Virtual Set Studio.

WASP3D empowers creative artists to effortlessly integrate graphics with data for quickly delivering visually stunning content for elections, weather, news, business & sports presentations in real-time.With hundreds of installations in more than 40 countries, the dedicated team of WASP3D provides round the clock support to their customers.

WASP3D has more than hundreds of installations worldwide and its clients include broadcasters like Televisa, Astro Awani, Zee Business, WION, ETV, MTV Beats, Doordarshan, Derana, JRTV, MMTV, TV9, TV One, Dawn news, TV5, Al Rai TV, Kuwait TV, Al Rayyan, Nation Broadcasting Corporation, K24, KBC, MBC Korea and many more. The company is headquartered in New Delhi, India.

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