FIFA World Cup 2018 - Mexican media giant soars to new heights with WASP3D

Grupo Televisa, the Mexican mass multimedia company, joined forces with WASP3D. to showcase impressive graphics of team line-ups and brought the ultimate pre and post-match analytics to the world cup fans across the globe.

Televisa’s anchor (Mr. Marc Crossas) at the studio had tactical analysis capabilities, through an I-pad to trigger augmented reality graphics He had the freedom to control and move players on a soccer pitch (on the studio floor) as an augmented scene. Motion Capture sequences resembling actual player movements were dynamically applied as behaviours on 3D models. The life-like simulated graphics engaged the viewers and provided them with a superlative soccer experience.

The unique skeletal animation feature, eliminated the need to ‘bake’ a single animation to a 3D model, thus reducing the load on the GPU. The feature allows the use of motion capture datasets in real-time.

With seamless data integration, broadcasters accessed match stats, match reports and player comparisons, within seconds of the action happening on the pitch. These features, allow any broadcaster to power their TV graphics and bring their sports coverage to life with a massive range of graphical insights such as:

  • Player touch maps: plot the location of touches on the virtual pitch.
  • Penalty Placement: plot the location of previous penalties by a player or team.
  • Fouls won /Fouls Conceded: Plot fouls to show trends.
  • Telestration tools to mark out players or locations on the augmented soccer pitch.
  • Player formations.
  • Individual statistics …And much more!

Televisa had rights to the World Cup and used it to highlight the maturity of augmented reality graphics as a tool to drive a highly interactive narrative. The viewers witnessed a presentation which was entertaining and made complex match data easily understandable.

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About WASP3D WASP3D offers cutting-edge technologies in content display and presentation for television broadcasters globally. Our innovative solutions include workflow based on-air graphics, touch screen presentation tool, Augmented reality graphics & Virtual Set Studio.

WASP3D empowers creative artists to effortlessly integrate graphics with data for quickly delivering visually stunning content for elections, weather, news, business & sports presentations in real-time.With hundreds of installations in more than 40 countries, the dedicated team of WASP3D provides round the clock support to their customers.

WASP3D has more than hundreds of installations worldwide and its clients include broadcasters like Televisa, Astro Awani, Zee Business, WION, ETV, MTV Beats, Doordarshan, Derana, JRTV, MMTV, TV9, TV One, Dawn news, TV5, Al Rai TV, Kuwait TV, Al Rayyan, Nation Broadcasting Corporation, K24, KBC, MBC Korea and many more. The company is headquartered in New Delhi, India.

Media Contact:
Pranav Malasi
Creative Marketing Manager | WASP3D

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