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[April 02, 2014] Noida, India - Sports and live events form the most complex live production today, given the sophistication of graphics and the quantum of data involved during the event. WASP3D the preferred Real time on-air graphics solution chosen by UBC (Uganda Broadcast Corporation) to Broadcast Fifa World Cup-2014.

Under a very stringent timeline WASP3D has designed a comprehensive graphics package for UBC keeping in mind, the need to simplify the graphics creation and presentation process. The package has been developed specifically for Fifa World Cup-2014 Live Broadcast with an understanding that the discerning viewers demand much more than data graphics; they want expert analysis and an engaging content presentation

Considering all the factors WASP created a Complete Interactive package for UBC that covers all aspects for a studio to broadcast Fifa Worldcup-2014. Using WASP3D’s interactive touchscreen based solution (WASPi-Mimosa) an interactive solution via which an anchor can guide viewers through the tournament with pre-game statistics and lineups, in-game analysis and post-game discussions.

WASP3D’s interactive solution includes 3D models of the stadiums hosting the World Cup. The 3D graphics templates were created in Drone Designer, a versatile & robust solution for designing templates and editing them with an ease. Live automated data feeds or manual data can be easily integrated using WASP3D’s Comb Builder application. Along with this we implemented few more things which is:

  • Custom application development for processing Live score data and further integration with real time on air sports graphics.
  • Creation of live/automated graphics with ease and no programming knowledge required.
  • Web based data entry.
  • Creation of libraries of elements (text, images and animations) that allows dropping them into the scene at the press of a button.

WASP offered UBC (Uganda Broadcast Corporation) an unprecedented sense of reality within the TV studio space, to broadcast Fifa world cup-2014 with a unique edge.

WASP3D’s customized solution turned out to be a turnkey solution for UBC to broadcast Fifa Presentation.

WASP3D Customized Fifa World Cup Solution for UBC include the following -

  • Access Drone Designer module.
  • Basic graphics templates as per guidelines.
  • Integration with live and historic data.
  • Interactive graphics presentation on touch screen using WASPi Mimosa.
  • Custom application development.
  • Complete training from designing the graphics to on-air play out.

Key Features of Solution WASP3D designer for UBC include the following -

  • Real-time 3D graphics for a rich on-air look.
  • UBT (Unified Basis Template) to reduce hassles of coding.
  • Highly Intuitive user-friendly interface for accelerating time-to-air.
  • Inbuilt animation and design effects including real-time reflection/ refraction, Phong shading, text effect, particle effect, shadow effect, lighting textures, bump maps & more.
  • Anchor controlled, non-linear presentation for better analysis & presentation.
  • More interactive content presentation: Zoom, Pan, Stretch, and Telerate on a touch screen panel with pre-assigned gestures.
  • Seamless integration with production and newsroom automation systems.
  • Supports HD & SD video formats.

About WASP3D

WASP3D offers cutting-edge technologies in content display and presentation for television broadcasters globally. Our innovative solutions include workflow based on-air graphics, touch screen presentation tool, Augmented reality graphics, eSports & Virtual Set Studio.

WASP3D empowers creative artists to effortlessly integrate graphics with data for quickly delivering visually stunning content for elections, weather, news, business & sports presentations in real-time.With hundreds of installations in more than 40 countries, the dedicated team of WASP3D provides round the clock support to their customers.

WASP3D has more than hundreds of installations worldwide and its clients include broadcasters like Televisa, Astro Awani, Zee Business, WION, ETV, MTV Beats, Doordarshan, Derana, JRTV, MMTV, TV9, TV One, Dawn news, TV5, Al Rai TV, Kuwait TV, Al Rayyan, Nation Broadcasting Corporation, K24, KBC, MBC Korea and many more. The company is headquartered in New Delhi, India.

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