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The global broadcast fraternity witnessed WASP3D empowering the vision of hosting a Live Hybrid Virtual Events. A similar event was recently compiled for The International Film Festival of India (IFFI) – Goa.

RIG 360 Media Pvt. Ltd created the vision of how the 51st International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa would look like. They wanted to host the entire event in a virtual set scenario where guests from various parts of the world, connect to discuss their work & achievements.

WASP3D empowered their vision to host the entire event on the cloud, as a live virtual hybrid event. The event was shot in a small chroma setup using WASP3D VIRTUAL, the all-in-one professional solution to create an infinite virtual environment. The entire production & PCR operations, including the graphic triggering, camera switching, pan/tilt/zoom of the virtual production was held in the same premises and streamed directly to the IFFI’s OTT Platform.

Speakers from the film fraternity joined in to discuss their work, achievements & showcase their live virtual presentations. Key Guests(like Veteran Director - Shekhar Kapoor, Renowned Filmmaker- Aditya Vikram Sengupta, Co- Chairman CII – Mr. Siddhartha Roy Kapoor and others), were imported from remote locations using the Virtual Conference Integration feature unique to WASP3D VIRTUAL. The multi-video window simulations were overlaid within the infinite virtual environment to resemble a virtual conference system, thereby creating a unique brand value for the internationally acclaimed film festival’s online viewers.

WASP3D, according to me is a solution based company. They do not look at the problem as one issue but they understand the Intricacies of small problems that may be associated with handling production processes. They work with you closely to create the final solution to best suit your needs.
Rohit Gandhi - Director, RIG 360 Media Pvt. Ltd.

15 Years of Experience | Customized Workflow | Faster Data Entry to On-Air Playouts

Packaged for Live Virtual Hybrid Event Production Services

WASP3D specializes in handling live virtual hybrid event production for brands eager to create a visually enriching experience for their audiences. If you have not yet thought about moving ahead with hybrid virtual events, we have shared some benefits that might change your mind. Have a closer look at the benefits of hybrid events.

  • The hybrid virtual event gives your event the better exposure
  • Engages the audience seamlessly
  • Saves a lot on Physical assets procurement & management
  • Hybrid virtual events offer better opportunities for sponsorship
  • Greater ROI

Why should you Choose WASP3D for Live Virtual Hybrid Events?

Experience Dynamism despite Space Restrictions

Convert any limited size space to an infinite 360 degree hybrid virtual set environment capturing every minute detail like mirror reflections, shadows & cloth movements.

Engage audiences from around the globe

Integrate virtual conference application like zoom/skype/teams to add multiple guests from remote locations.

Enhance brand value with Virtual Sets, AR Graphics and CG Graphic overlays

Overlay your live virtual events with TV-like tickers & animated lower thirds. Add excitement to content with name band, transitions, channel branding & more.

Save on cost of camera operators by virtual camera animations

Multiple virtual cameras, whether static or animated can be set up within the scene and operated by Action Sets / Salvo Buttons. Either trigger camera animations or switch between camera angles eliminating the need of camera operators.

About WASP3D

WASP3D offers a broad range of real-time 3D broadcast graphics solutions for Television Broadcasters & Live Streamers, eager to enhance their creativity and simplify their production workflow.

WASP3D’s end to end broadcast TV Graphics workflow enables quick on-air delivery of content. It is designed to streamline production & enhance visual quality to publish across all media platforms.

With 400+ installations in more than 40 countries, our dedicated team provides round the clock support to customers for Election Broadcast Services, Sports Presentations, eSports Live Production, News Telecast & Business Graphics. Our tools offer journalists the ability to design TV broadcast 3D graphics right from the newsroom and manage multiple media files with real-time playout.

We provide the necessary tools, every Live content producer requires to create visually engaging content. Our advanced software includes virtual set solutions, data integrated AR Graphics, API Integrated eSports game graphics, 3D Character generators (Channel Logo, Lower thirds, L bands, Tickers, Live Bugs) for an engaging storytelling experience. WASP3D supports NDI (Network Device Interface) Integration, IP Based Cameras, Multi-Camera Switching, Multi-Video Window Simulations/ SIMSAT (Zoom Calls) & Filtered Social Media Feed Integration.

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Nalin Mishra
Marketing Manager
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