Spring News, the Thai Television news channel, owned by Spring News Television Ltd., part of News Network Corporation PCL, approached WASP3D – Real-time 3D Broadcast Graphics with a vision to improve on-air graphics quality and enhance subscription to new resources.

WASP3D implemented Its Augmented reality Graphics workflow along with its Video wall Display Solution to uplift the look n feel of Spring news.

A camera on a crane, along with the MO-SYS star tracker within the studio space, was converted into a full-scale Virtual studio setup. The technology gave freedom to transform the complete studio environment to match the content. The quality of graphics delivered was visually stunning. The graphics and data interacted with real characters, resulting in a very attractive presentation and gave the viewers a realistic feel of all visual elements.

WASP3D on-air graphics can be integrated with cloud data sources to enrich production value and make for lively augmented reality presentations. The system is best suited for channels with any size studio space, who want to save costs on building expensive sets and at the same time transforming their presentations into one that is visually more interesting and engaging.

We look forward to catering to Spring News soon.

WASP3D provided AR and virtual video wall solutions for our news show in Spring News, Thailand. It surely is one of the greatest real time 3D graphics solutions. The powerful render engine and workflow flexibility, helped us boost our broadcast production value.
Mr. Chakrit Khuangarin Vice President- Creative, Spring News.

About WASP3D

WASP3D offers cutting-edge technologies in content display and presentation for television broadcasters globally. Our innovative solutions include workflow based on-air graphics, touch screen presentation tool, Augmented reality graphics, eSports & Virtual Set Studio.

WASP3D empowers creative artists to effortlessly integrate graphics with data for quickly delivering visually stunning content for elections, weather, news, business & sports presentations in real-time.With hundreds of installations in more than 40 countries, the dedicated team of WASP3D provides round the clock support to their customers.

WASP3D has more than hundreds of installations worldwide and its clients include broadcasters like Televisa, Astro Awani, Zee Business, WION, ETV, MTV Beats, Doordarshan, Derana, JRTV, MMTV, TV9, TV One, Dawn news, TV5, Al Rai TV, Kuwait TV, Al Rayyan, Nation Broadcasting Corporation, K24, KBC, MBC Korea and many more. The company is headquartered in New Delhi, India.