Community Edition (CE) is a free, personal learning license with all the functionalities of our real time design environment. It is available for developing and prototyping templates, scenes and presentation concepts to be used by graphic artists in developing real time broadcast applications for their clients. Standard definition graphics can be rendered to disk and used commercially. The CE suite includes a restricted version of the Sting Server real-time engine which produces watermarked RT output for the purpose of testing live data applications. Explore the wealth of built-in real time design tools that WASP3D offers and see how creating sophisticated real time graphics can be realized easily and quickly. CE is supported through a guided user forum and can be downloaded for free.

Potential Users of WASP3D Community Edition

Graphic Artist

A freelance graphic artist can create graphic templates and showcase them on the WASP3D marketplace while protecting their intellectual property.

System Integrators

System integrators can benefit by bundling a graphic solution with services being offered to a broadcaster. This widens the spectrum of services by appointing graphic artists to design templates for their customers using free version of Drone Designer.

Training Institutes

Training institutions can simply register students on our forums to download training resources and offer specialized training courses in on-air broadcast graphics designing.

Free Download Available

The latest version is now available for download at WASP3D forums WASP3D forums along with documentation, SDK & other resources.