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eSPORTS Graphics Solution

Overlay excitement to your eSports event. Allow your eSports live production to completely captivate your audience with powerful visual production tools from WASP3D

Online gaming has exploded and given rise to eSports, where teams of gamers compete against each other in leagues and tournaments that are broadcasted online to audiences of thousands. Studios around the world bring gamers, analysts and fans together to enjoy the frenzy of such competitions.

eSPORTS Overview

eSports refers to organized video gaming events or tournaments that culminate in championships at regional and international level, in which professional and amateur players compete against one another. The rapidly growing phenomenon surrounding eSports (electronic sports) continues to gather steam. The convergence of gaming and sports offers an innovative wave of branding opportunities, engaging content and activations for millions across the world.

Live eSports Production with WASP3D

WASP3D, the world’s leading Augmented Broadcast Graphics platform caters to OGN and Garena, the key players in the eSports industry with its real- time engine. Our Augmented Reality platform uses tracking data from camera to map the physical space with computer generated real time 3D content for live competitive games. Our system is best suited for channels with any size studio space, who want to save costs on set designs and at the same time transforming their presentations into one that is visually more interesting and engaging.

The Global eSports market is a rapidly growing; as an industry we expect it to be worth around over a $1.5 billion within the next few years catering to over millions of viewers. The expectations of production values of the broadcasters are ever increasing in-line with the size of the industry. The versatility that WASP3D offers have been crucial in helping us deliver extremely high-quality content in our unique production environment”
Comments Tushar Kothari - Director- WASP3D.

Take control over your eSports content, enhance presentation styles and create a memorable experience for your audiences with the world’s leading products and solutions offered by WASP3D.

Visually Intriguing & Engaging Immersive Experience

  • Create complex graphical elements quickly and easily with unprecedented realism.
  • Map your physical space with tracking data from camera.
  • Leverage the power of the WASP3D render engine to give virtual characters “life” with Skeletal Animation.
  • Create a better sense of depth and spatial positioning in scenes by allowing realistic shadows, live reflections, cast shadows and collision detection.
  • Add textures and enhance with particle systems.
  • Make the virtual world real with superlative augmented graphics.
  • Grow your gaming community and reach - access players and spectators around the globe with full day/game-day coverage.
  • Increase fan engagement - develop team profiles, player profiles, check on game progress and achievements, form groups for clans to chat with multiple gamers simultaneously.
  • Engage audiences during the game on polls with Social Media Aggregator Service.

Video Samples

PUBG Mobile India Series 2020
PUBG Fall Split 2019
AIC Grand Finals
OGN eSports

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