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The Sting On-Air Playout is the graphics delivery (playout) application. Designed for performance, the Sting On-Air Playout delivers graphics in either of two modes: automated triggering of graphics for unattended operations and manual triggering for production control based delivery. In the manual mode, the playout component recognizes defined user actions (pause points, continue, play etc.) and waits for the operator’s decision to proceed.

The On-Air Playout consists of the Sting Server and the Sting Client. The Sting Server is the real-time rendering engine that generates the graphics as video I/O (key and fill). The Sting Client is the controlling application to the Sting Server. In a networked WASP3D architecture, operators have the flexibility to control and play out graphics to any of the Sting Servers on the network. Conversely, multiple Sting Client operators can trigger graphics on a single WASP Sting Server simultaneously.

Playout Mechanisms

Sting Server – Live Graphics

Channel broadcasting software for Sting Server Live Graphics

When it comes to on-the-fly delivery of live graphics consisting of anything from tickers and crawls to full-frame, graphically intense data-graphics, the Sting Server brings its sophisticated, real-time rendering prowess to play. Enhance your channel's look manifold with multiple layers

Sting Server – Video Wall

Channel broadcasting software for Sting Server Video Wall

The WASP3D Video Wall technology combines a single WASP3D Sting Server Play Out solution with a Graphic Card powered by multiple high end GPUs to drive a multi-screen video wall. WASP3D Video Wall solution takes advantage of the full resolution that modern projectors and flat panels can deliver.
A key advantage of the WASP3D Video Wall solution is the consistency of workflow - Everything works like the standard WASP3D Workflow. The control clients, the newsroom system integration and play out management work just like everyone is used to.
Designers, journalists and control room operators can continue to work in a familiar environment. Whether a graphic scene is played out on a video wall or a normal WASP3D Sting Server Play Out, is just a matter of choosing the right output channel in the play out client.


WASPi Mimosa – Interactive Graphics

Channel broadcasting software for WASPi Mimosa Interactive Graphics

Bring news presentations to life by making data analysis accessible for the masses. Whether its elections results, business news, sports analysis, weather updates or a live-event's simulation,WASPi Mimosahelps anchors present engaging, non-linear stories to the audiences.

Render-To-Disk Server – OFFLINE

Channel broadcasting software for Render-To-Disk Server OFFLINE

Output from the Drone designer or from a render-type-rundown in the Sting Client can be written to disk in real-time, using WASP3D's Render-to-disk server, for all offline/post-production requirments in a broadcast station.

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