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Xpress Capabilties + Specialized Tools for Data Integration and Live Events

WASP3D PRO energises LIVE event hosts, sports broadcasters & federations to design graphics & integrate it with real-time data and deliver broadcast quality content in real-time.

Live broadcast production faces some of the greatest challenges in storytelling and “on the spot” analysis. Being able to react quickly and provide viewers’ with fresh visuals is one of the strengths of WASP3D Pro. Integrating live data for sports broadcast from scoring boards and multiple other sources, such as social media, is just the beginning as 3D Sports graphics and requires different ways of presenting the story.

Be it sophisticated full frame graphics, comparative sports charts or OTS instant clip presentations, or using interactive graphics through WASPi Mimosa, WASP3D pro addresses Real- time graphics productions within the studio & outdoors.

WASP3D PRO solution offerings range from concept design, planning, graphic creation, database management, graphic and data integration to complete project management and operation. User can create their own custom applications with the help of WASP3D SDK and create custom workflows for data and graphic management.

Key Features

Intriguing graphics

Drone Designer, the designing software unleashes the graphic artist's creative power to generate, manipulate, animate and visualize 3D graphics with great ease. The real-time graphics design software’s highly intuitive interface expands the graphical design capabilities of design professionals.

WASP3D Pro intriguing graphics

On the spot analysis

Create visual database tables without the need of any programming. This simple interface of UDT allows users to define structured data and then be able to directly wire (i.e. link) this information to design elements.

WASP3D Pro on the spot analysis

Live Data Integration

Pro is equipped with specially designed data addins (Data Types: UDT, JSON, Excel, XML etc) to manage and fetch data for graphic. Being at the heart of WASP3D PRO solution, it ensures the updating of concurrent data in live as well as prepared graphics. Along with communication addin user can trigger events and controls across multiple servers to seamlessly create smooth graphic transitions.

WASP3D Pro live data integration

An Upgrade to Express

Pro is an upgrade to Xpress and includes simple data integration controls as well other important features to help you re-create professional broadcast quality designs, animations, integrated with live data. WASP3D PRO is best suited for Live Event hosts, Sports Federations and Hyper local sports hosts uploading content over their own channels or on web based platforms.

WASP3D Pro an upgrade to express

Technical Specifications

Video Standards

Video Input

  • SDI Video Input
      • Up to 6 port x SDI input SD/HD

Video Output

  • SDI Video Output
      • 2 x SDI – SD/HD (Fill & Key)
  • HDMI
      • 1 HDMI 1.4 type A connector with support for 1080p60


Audio Input & Output

Import Standards

  • Media Format
      • MPEG2, MPEG4 and H.264 containers: (avi, mpg, mpeg, mp4, mxf, mov)
      • Audio: WAV, MP3
  • Live Video Input Format
      • H.264 (.mp4) MPEG-2 (.mpg)
      • 1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
      • 1080i 60/59.94/50
      • 720p 60/59.94/50
      • H.264 up to 4k 30p
  • Image Format
      • .webp .webp,.bmp,.tga,.dds,.hdr,.ppm,.pfm