Nectar Product Advertising | Video Advertising formats for TV Commercials

Nectar Product Advertising | Video Advertising formats for TV Commercials

Nectar, the ad platform for TV Channels overcomes the challenges faced by the channels while creating an advert, scheduling it and managing on air timing and frequency of 3D graphic advertisements. The solution is a digital advertising platform equipped with the tools to schedule ads, track imprints and provide necessary as-run logs to the billing department.

Typical product advertising can be categorised as below:

Product bugs

how to get a commercial ad on TV

A product bug is a graphical 3D element that is displayed along with the associated content. Example of product advertising format is like a live score sponsored by Pepsi, a weather bug sponsored by Mercedes Benz, stock bug by Barclays.

L band Promotion

video advertising formats to create L band & Ticker Ads

Positioned mainly on the left section in an L format. The whole TV signal is squeezed giving a large area to the advertiser.


Sponsored graphic templates

TV advert production

Repetitive full frame graphics such as headlines are available to be sponsored by one advertiser. Similar opportunities for TV advertising are there for graphics like breaking news and weather bulletin.

Ticker Advertisement

video advertising formats for products advertising on TV channel

A category ticker allows product advertising to be interspersed with the latest data going on air.

The Television Advertisement Scheduler comprises of the following:

Ad Scheduler
The traffic department schedules different ads at different time during the day. Each ad type whether it be Product bug, L band promotion, Sponsored Graphics or 3D Tickers ads is given a unique name, a unique id with clear definitions for exceptionable/ preferable time(ad start times, ads’ end time & frequency) for play out. A calendar type interface is available that gives the user easy access to schedule advertisements.

Schedule TV advertisement


Nectar Automation Gateway
Nectar acts as gateway to synchronize a standardized medium for communication between Traffic department, video server and production automation systems like (Aveco, B4M, Dalet, imagine D series, Avid and Pebble Beach to name a few. The playlist scheduled for On-air playout is read by Nectar and hence Nectar knows when Video commercials are planned. At this point, the Graphic playlist is halted to avoid graphic advertisements playout during commercial breaks.

TV commercial as-run log


Graphic advertisement tracker
Nectar creates the as run log for the billing department to track the in and out time of each advertisement graphic.

3d ticker and L band promotion

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