Broadcast Quality 3D Graphics at the cost of a CG.

WASP3D Xpress is designed for broadcasters looking for a cost-effective CG solution to upgrade their visual appearance. It provides advanced tools to create and deliver realtime 3D graphic content for Live Streamers, web channel owners, You Tubers or a regular patron uploading content over their own channels or on other TV or web platforms.

Xpress has an intuitive playout interface with preview and on-air triggering in a standalone application. The window placements can be changed as per accessibility, or user can create customized playout interface using the specialized controls. User can conveniently create and manage multiple graphic instances, preview and then play them directly on-air. Manual/Automatic triggering and monitoring of rundown is accomplished in a simple to use interface.

Design Features

Real time Refractions, Reflections, Colour enhancements

Create mirror reflections and refract objects along with other elements in your scene.

Modify the brightness, contrast, hue and saturation of the textures, videos or the entire scene and reduce dependability on third party software.

Rich Text Format

Rich text format (RTF) is the most advanced 3D text feature for speed and quality which aids rapid creation of rich, data driven real-time 3D graphics with complete Unicode support.

User can Highlight, Blink, change color or font of specific word(s) within a sentence. One can create a library of favourite text styles and use them in multiple scenes. Change in a text style changes the style in all scenes where it is used.

3D & 2D objects with parametric animation

Creating 3D animations can be a great way to bring your ideas to life and create quality and customizable animations. From lower thirds to bar & pie graphs, 3D & 2D primitives allows user to create and modify a variety of design & animations to suit all kinds of graphic requirements. All these primitives can be connected to multiple data sources.

Graph Control

Graph object available as a primitive allows user to create bar and pie graphs. Same data can be used to switch between either. Additionally, user can use Sphere, Ring, Cylinder, Rectangle or other objects to create custom shapes bar, pie graphics.

Adobe illustrator import & Built in polyline tools

Import custom 2D shapes and maps. Modify and animate individual polygons and vertices, apply textures and materials to the outline to create some exceptional animations. Use these shapes with extrude to bring the 3D look to your scenes. The animation applied to polygons and vertices also reflect on the extrude. Apart from importing shapes, user can create Bezier curves using the polyline, freehand or line tool. All lines can be animated from start to end. Offset parameter can be used to create dynamic animations with fast turnarounds.

Data Add in

WASP3D Xpress syncs data from external servers, sports feeds and ODBC integration for quick On-air auto update to handle various live sporting events, financial or election broadcast coverages. Allows user to bind the template data to ODBC data sources without the need to do any programming. Simple drag and drop wiring of changeable fields with external data. Data can be updated on the fly or on demand using specialised action. Animations can be triggered as data updates.

Variables & Triggers

Use data variables for managing data and performing quick calculations for Live Events. One can wire variables with object parameters to show the result. Animations can be triggered on change of data. Users can write simple expressions as well as perform advanced calculations using alias based mathematical formulas or JavaScript. The graphics display content from external data sources and sports feeds using ODBC integration. Real time data Sync and on-air graphic updates make it superior to other offerings in the markets.

Date and Time with Countdowns and Count Up

Displaying simple date & time or event-based countdowns & Count-up timers can be created and controlled easily. A simple button-based control interface can be created to trigger the timers right from the player interface.

Animatable 2D Shape vertex manipulation

Xpress features that each point and its Bezier handle in the 2D shape can be moved to modify its shape. These modifications can be animated to create custom or key framed animation and give interesting and more creative animations in the design scene. 2D shape manipulation / Text on path animation is useful

Workflow Features


Channel logo, live bug, exclusive bug, multi-layered scroll tickers, lower third graphics, full frame graphics etc can all be played simultaneously using multi-layered playlist. Each playlist can have multiple players allowing users to play multiple graphics. Customised player configurations can be designed as per user or event requirements. Unified player controller to load, unload, play, stop the graphics in rundown. Rundowns can be triggered using automatic or manual control operations.

WASP3D SDK allows user to create custom playlists and specialised panels for use during live scoring, data entry and graphic playout.

Salvo and Action Set buttons for fast controls

Create buttons of Action sets and commands to control the scene functionality at runtime. Quick OB van, PCR operations for score updates, Name Bands, and other MCR operations like live, exclusive, location bug etc. can be easily managed using the player level action set buttons.

Switch Templates

User can connect multiple templates with one data entry form. This saves time and effort of the designer as well as operator. Change template feature allows user Faster data entry form creation as well as linking similar featured templates to one form helps user to save time and effort as well as help operator to change the look and feel of the template. Using the change template feature, while keeping the posted data of the instance.

Intra-scene communication

A Templates can be designed to automatically animate in/out, move position, scale or rotate when another template is played. This reduces the effort during template triggering as well as make the final output dynamic.

Logic driven template positioning as well as in & out animations allows user to show more content on screen effortlessly & without the requirement of multiple controlling interfaces. Trigger can be raised to start / stop template animation on functionalities.

Image editor for on the go image placement

All last moment adjustments to size and position of images in the templates can be made possible using the image editor. Simple mouse controls enable user to do these actions in the Image Editor control even at the last moment.

Technical Specifications

Video Standards

Video Input

  • SDI Video Input
      • Up to 6 port x SDI input SD/HD

Video Output

  • SDI Video Output
      • 2 x SDI – SD/HD (Fill & Key)
  • HDMI
      • 1 HDMI 1.4 type A connector with support for 1080p60


Audio Input & Output

Import Standards

  • Media Format
      • MPEG2, MPEG4 and H.264 containers: (avi, mpg, mpeg, mp4, mxf, mov)
      • Audio: WAV, MP3
  • Live Video Input Format
      • H.264 (.mp4) MPEG-2 (.mpg)
      • 1080p 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
      • 1080i 60/59.94/50
      • 720p 60/59.94/50
      • H.264 up to 4k 30p
  • Image Format
      • .png .jpg,.bmp,.tga,.dds,.hdr,.ppm,.pfm