Augmented Reality Broadcast Graphics

Augmented Reality Broadcast Graphics

Augmented Reality Graphics is one of the broadcast industry’s hottest trends — and our solution meets variety of needs, equipment configurations, on-air looks and smart features to enhance the television viewing experience.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality, also known as AR, is the technology that composites or merges CG virtual objects with the real world in a manner where both appear to coexist in the same space. The virtual scene or an ambience generated by the computer is designed to enhance the user’s sensory perception of the world that they are seeing or interacting with.

WASP3D Augmented reality graphics solution offers advanced design and production tools that enable broadcasters to create virtual objects that appear immersed in the studio space.

Powerful Features of WASP3D | Augmented Reality Graphics

  • Advanced designing & compositing features - realistic real-time 3D scenes, augmented graphic elements and interactive 3D virtual sets using an intuitive interface.
  • Display of data-driven graphics along with images, footage or live videos, enhanced with virtual backgrounds, which interact with the talent creating an intriguing presentation for the audience.
  • Customised solution for Election & Sports Broadcast, News/ Business/ Weather Telecast, offering design creation, data gathering and management, virtual background, camera tracking and much more.
  • Compatible with fixed and tracked cameras, external feeds with embedded tracking data and automated production control systems.
  • Single operator can handle complex productions which normally require a team of operators.
  • Saves time, cost and hassles of building and dismantling physical sets. Suited for any size studio space who want to save costs on building expensive sets and at the same time boost their presentations.
  • No green screen / chroma setup required.
  • Enhanced storytelling, allowing better interaction between presenters and graphical objects.
  • Transform the complete studio environment to match the content theme.

Examples of Augmented Reality Presentations

OGN augmented reality graphics with Stype camera tracking

Augmented Reality Graphics for election


augmented reality display graphics for news, sports and information graphics

Augmented Reality Graphics production for sports

How to create Augmented Reality Graphics?

In case of augmented reality broadcast graphics presentations, the studio consists of a camera topped on a pedestal or crane fitted with a camera sensing device from MO-SYS. The WASP3D tracked Virtual Set system can ingest tracking data from various camera sensing devices into 3D virtual set scenes.

The WASP3D Drone Designer has an inbuilt virtual camera which accepts Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus data coming from the physical camera and the perspective to match the 3D virtual environments as the physical camera moves in real-time.

The WASP3D Virtual Set system can be configured to use tracking data from a camera to map the physical studio with the computer-generated 3D content or AR Graphics.

In case of a pedestal or crane-based camera implementation, the X, Y, Z position data and other details can be ingested by the system for even more elaborate camera angles like Standard Views – Top, Bottom, left, Right and Full Circle/360 degree), Bird Eye view and others for richer graphical representations.

Augmented reality sports graphic live production: WASP3D Augmented reality Graphics can be integrated with Sports Data providers like Opta Sports, Sportz Interactive and others to enrich production value.

eSports Live Augmented Production: Take control over your eSports content, enhance presentation styles and create a memorable experience for your audiences.

WASP3D augmented reality graphics can be integrated with data from cloud data sources to enrich production value and make for lively augmented reality presentations for News telecast, Elections broadcast services and even weather forecast.


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