WASP3D Tricaster integration & casper CG NRCS

Tricaster integration & Casper CG with WASP3D

Tricaster users can take advantage of the free, full featured Community Edition version of the Drone Designer advanced, template-based authoring environment. The CE workflow for Tricaster uses an IP-based version of the Sting Server engine which produces an IP-stream that is automatically recognized as a source for graphics overlay by Tricaster. A subscription fee is required to go to air.

Key Features

All WASP templates with integrated Data and forms can be played in Tricaster

The integration between WASP and Tricaster makes it easier for the users to play the templates created in WASP3D in Tricaster. WASP3D integration with Tricaster enables user to overcome the limitations of Tricaster and provides a full-fledged support of WASP3D data integration and as well as quality graphics to be played On-Air.

User can Control Template in and out from Tricaster

The Tricaster user can control the template playlist in WASP3D using the built-in Macros feature of Tricaster. User can create various Commands to Load, Unload, Play, Stop and Play the Templates within the Tricaster interface.

No I/O board required

User does not need to buy any expensive or cheap video boards to provide a graphic feed to Tricaster. WASP3D Frame Sting Server provides a continuous stream to Tricaster without any need of a video connection.

Integrated Key & Fill

WASP3D Frame Sting Server renders the output into separate Key and Fill signals which enables user to overlay graphics from WASP3D on the final video output of Tricaster.

All communication is done through LAN

WASP3D and Tricaster integration has been done through the NetSend protocol of Tricaster. The video data is transmitted through the local network.

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