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WASP3D’s Real-time Business graphics workflow offers broadcasters sophisticated tools to synchronize large amounts of financial data into dynamic and engaging visual information in real-time. The Business Graphics Broadcast Services intelligent workflow helps users to create and playout graphics that respond to real-time data updates & live feeds from third-party business data providers, be it single or multiple wire-feeds (Money line, Reuters, local newswires, etc.), as well as social media feeds.

“FinWiz”, the feed handler module of the WASP3D Business graphics workflow communicates with most wire-feeds to extract the latest data – and make it available for instantaneous on-air playout. FinWiz supports on-air real-time updates at the press of a button, even with graphics already on-air.

Key Features

  • Database Server

    This function initiates, monitors, controls and executes the transactions that process queries, collect and collate data, to feed the output source with the relevant information.

  • Rundown Playlist Controller

    Collates data manages the playlist and presents all Business graphics it in a predetermined fashion.

  • MOS Complaint Query Software

    Query Generation System is used for displaying an array of information such as Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Relative Strength Index, Percentage Gainers, Percentage Losers, Top Trades, Indices & Forex etc.

  • Complete automation from data ingest to on-air graphic delivery.
  • Extensive query system for creation of analytical financial graphics & 30 different ways of analysing a stock through the query system.
  • Real-time financial data automatically updates the details even when the graphic is on-air.
  • Template editor for mapping live data values to pre-defined graphic templates.
  • Automate up to 2 dynamic tickers with real-time content and logo provisioning.
  • MOS complaint query capabilities at all journalist’s desks through the DataBuzz module.

Business Graphics Usage Scenarios

  • Equity Data (Transaction Data, Historical Data, Intraday Data)
  • Top Trades, Percentage Gainers, Percentage Losers, Net Gainers, Net Losers, Top Value.
  • Analyst Poll, News Crawls, Tickers.
  • Line Graph (Single or Double Line Graph), Line vs. Bar Graph, Pie and Technical Charts.
  • Custom graphs and analysis.

Zee Business, India uses WASP3D Business Graphics Broadcast Services to cater to all its custom business graphic template requirements

Video Samples

MTN Korea
Astro Awani
Future TV