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Election Graphics Broadcast Services


Election Broadcast is all about achieving the highest ratings by being first and getting it right. Today, the viewers consume news information from various sources other than television, so providing a comprehensive analysis and insights is extremely important.

WASP3D election graphics broadcast services is the flagship of WASP3D’s expertise in visually compelling storytelling.

WASP3D offers end-to-end election broadcast coverage where visually compelling storytelling is brought into effect. With full focus on the client’s needs, our services cover every aspect of an election broadcast ranging from concept design, planning, election graphic creation, database management, graphic, and data integration to complete project management and operation.

Broadcasters rely on WASP3D’s custom creative and consulting services, to address their election graphics requirement along with data integration challenges, for their election projects. WASP3D election graphics system is a template-based workflow. It can be connected to complex data from multiple live data feeds like election commission, opinion, and exit polls, RSS feeds, ODBC, SQL and instantly convert it to dynamic and engaging real-time election graphics for fabulous elections’ coverage.

WASP3D portrays a producer’s vision of election coverage with the help of advanced CG, social media aggregation & integration, video walls display systems, virtual set & studios design, augmented reality broadcast graphics, and various utility tools address diverse requirements of either a TV station or an entire television network. Sophisticated real-time augmented reality graphics presentations with high polygon modeling of elements, make the virtual environments realistic and help visualize the most complex election developments.

With the quantum of data flowing from everywhere WASP3D election graphics & broadcast, the system is the choice of hundreds of broadcasters globally.

WASP3D has accomplished successful election projects with some of the fortune 500 enterprises and leading broadcaster’s world over.

  • Astro Awani
  • rtm
  • Televisa
  • Bahrain TV
  • Turktv
  • ERTU
  • KBC
  • MCOT
  • mmtv
  • Dawn TV
  • Sudan TV
  • EMTV
  • tv9
  • ETV
  • YTN
  • Zee business


Custom creative template design and consulting services

Our specialised graphics team caters to custom design needs consisting of visually intriguing presentations for election graphics in Video Walls, Touch-Screens and Virtual Sets Studio environments accompanied with Augmented Reality Graphics.

Simplified integration of data feeds with graphics | Interactive controls

Within the application, user roles and functions can be defined for faster & efficient production. Users can manually feed in the data, which automatically builds and updates the election databases.

Broadcasters also have the flexibility to merge two different data sources. Any changes or updates to the manual data entry gets automatically reflected over the election graphics in real time. The Easy-To-Use unified dashboard structures categorizes, and formats manually fed data during the elections into graphical representations of the updated content. The simplified workflow consolidates all information into a single user interface and enables quick access to data related to candidate profiles, constituencies, states for edits and updates in real-time.

The application allows users to automatically update templates to customised playlists thereby saving time of repetitive manual drag and drop to playlists.

Video Samples

KTV Elections with Hologram Technology
Astro Awani - Malaysia General Elections
Election Presentation - NBC

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