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WASP3D’s News graphics broadcast services for News broadcast packages is a newsroom (NRCS) integrated workflow, built for the most efficient and modern newsrooms. It provides TV broadcasters with all the tools necessary to plan, create and publish news content from a single, coordinated system. The WASP3D News graphics system offers complete control over Real-time 3D on-air news content, story assignments, run-down management, and many other features, right from the desktop.

WASP3D’s News graphics system can also be integrated with a wide range of third-party systems for a seamless broadcast workflow. News Graphics may consist of all the Graphics one sees on the channel like Lower third ticker, Full Frame, Display Logo, Braking News Templates, or any other CG graphic.

News story producers find great agility and adaptiveness in WASP3D template based workflow to deliver template news graphics quickly, no matter the circumstance

Key Features

  • Breaking News requiring “on the fly” graphics

    Designed for Election projects for manual data entry where live data feeds are unavailable. Within this application, user roles and functions can be defined for faster & efficient production.

    Users can manually feed in the data, which automatically builds and updates the Election databases. WASP3D workflow also manages data feeds from the Election commission and integrates it with the graphic templates for faster on-air playout.

  • Social media graphics “on the fly”

    Often, breaking news explodes in social media first but the amount of content is so overwhelming that sorting and finding newsworthy “jewels” becomes time consuming or difficult to manage. WASP3D’s Social Media Tree system automatically sifts through content and discards undesirable items (i.e. bad words via custom dictionaries, blocked topics or users, custom rules) to present Producers with valid content.

    Producers can then decide how the content will go on air, be it under a specific topic, scene of a particular playlist or even multiple playlists. Social Media content can thus be delivered quickly and accurately while the news remains hot.

Video Samples

Spring News
Wion-Trackless Virtual Set
TV One (Indonesia) - Military Day

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