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Video walls are more than just a dynamic backdrop — they are also a great way for TV news stations to enhance storytelling by including imagery, information, and more behind the talent.

The WASP3D Broadcast Video Wall Display System combines a single WASP3D Sting Server Play Out solution with a Graphics Card powered by multiple high-end GPUs to drive a multi-screen video wall. WASP3D Video Wall system takes advantage of the full resolution that modern projectors and flat panels can deliver. The multi-screen display wall can be used as a video backdrop for a variety of presentations including news, Election Highlights, Business Presentation, stand-ups, Sports Broadcasts, weather, and live video feeds.

A key advantage of the WASP3D 4K Video Wall System is the consistency of workflow – Everything works like the standard WASP3D Workflow. The control clients, the newsroom system integration, and playout management work just like everyone is used to.

Designers, journalists, and control room operators can continue to work in a familiar environment. Whether a graphic scene is played out on a video wall or a normal WASP3D Sting Server Play Out, is just a matter of choosing the right output channel in the play-out client.

Key Features

  • Intuitive interface to manage and control content from one application.
  • Display all types of content like 3D graphics, images, live and videos etc. anywhere on the video wall canvas.
  • Graphics can be custom tailored to all aspect ratios.
  • Scalable – daisy chain enabled video wall screens can be added anytime to the current setup.
  • Customizable layouts with presets.
  • On the fly content placement.
  • Customizable: integration with Router and Multi-Viewer to custom configure the sizes and positions of multiple video inputs on the video wall.
  • 4K display resolution acting as a perfect broadcast backdrop.
  • 6 video inputs.
  • Integration with Financial and Social Media Graphics.
  • Integration with Tablet WASP3D Video Wall display System comes with an intuitive interface which can be easily control from a touch screen or tablet.
  • MOS support

The lure of a video wall lies in its impact and memorability, so in case of a Broadcast TV Channel, size does matter.

Video Samples

NBC Referendum Election Presentation
APN - WASP3D Video Wall