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Advanced 3D CG & Playout Suite

Now create all your 3D CG graphic overlays as templates once, and re-use them multiple times. Connect the templated 3D graphics to real-time data sources like ODBC, Excel, JSON, .XML for live data presentations during live productions.

Complimented with the capabilities XPRESS, WASP3D PRO is commonly used to energize live sports and event streams.

Equipped with advanced tools, PRO is best suited to deliver engaging “On-The-Spot Analysis” of game graphics such as match / survival statistics, score boards, comparative sports charts, OTS instant clips and much more.

Some of the key features are listed below

  • Our advanced products are designed to enhance the visual quality of your live productions and emerge as a mini broadcaster.
  • Easily Import any 2D graphic file from Adobe Illustrator and apply key frame animations on these files to add an extra layer of Dynamism.
  • Manage multi-camera switching & NDI integration.
  • Create custom User Defined Tables for data entry with zero coding. Streaming a sports or live event with live data integrated score graphics.
  • Simulate realistic textures on 3D Graphics like water texture ripple effect, heat haze, lens flare, optical flares.