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Ready to Use Virtual Sets with an Advanced Virtual Production System

With a simple setup of a few square feet of space & WASP3D ready to use Virtual sets, transform any space into a spectacular virtual environment. Raise your production value dramatically & adds instant credibility to your presentations.

Additionally, create all your 3D CG graphic overlays as templates once and re-use them multiple times along with your custom Virtual Sets. WASP3D VIRTUAL is complimented with a playlist manager, which allows the creation of the rundown of graphics for any live show before going on-air.

Endless Capabilities of WASP3D Virtual

  • Save On Cost Of Camera Operators By Virtual Camera Animations
  • Show Multiple People Together With 3D DVE / Multi-Video Window Simulation
  • Enhance your Presentation Style With Data-Driven AR Graphics
  • Create Unique Brand Identity With 3D CG Overlays On Your Streams
  • Get The Feel Of a Big Studio In a Small Space