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Stream Church Congregations to Everyone with WASP3D Virtual

Cost-effective, ready to use custom virtual sets & playout suite, which is available at a monthly subscription of USD 99, lets you realize your vision of a professional educational video streaming.

House of Worship with a simple setup of a few square feet of space & WASP3D’s ready to use Virtual set can transform limited spaces into a spectacular virtual environment and stream live. The solution is complimented with Ready to Use Virtual Sets, Inbuilt Virtual Camera Animations to capture the congregation stream from various angles. It brings your congregations to life by adding images & sculptures as AR Graphics. It also helps you Interact with your followers from remote locations with the help of multi-video window simulation.

By streaming your service, you allow those that are unable to attend to view the service in its entirety in real time. You can also archiving your presentations using the R2D (render to disk functionality within the solution that allows you to publish the stream at a later time. All this & much more to Raises your brand value with advanced 3D CG overlays and add instant credibility to your live streams.