Steps Involved.

  • Now we are showing the virtual set client application, and playout engine.
  • Now we are showing how to create a new standard playlist.
  • Open wasp loader template pool, and drag and drop template using, alt key in the playlist.
  • Double click, holding the alt button on the instance, and play the virtual set template, on the playout engine, with salvo action buttons.
  • Now we are showing the chroma key feature. Through this tab, we remove the green screen using the composite button.
  • We can also reposition the Anchor plane, and can also scale, using this real-time form feature.
  • We can play different camera angles, that are saved in salvo action buttons, like close up & Zoom out etc.
  • We can also change the video wall content, in real-time with this software. We can also take a live feed from NDI or SDI.
  • We can also create new camera angles, from camera placement tab, as we are showing now. We can switch to different angles. and edit in real time, the pan movement, that helps to do any last-minute changes, hassle-free.

Compatibility :