Learn to create flat mirror-like perfect reflections on virtual sets or graphic surfaces in minimal steps without the need to create mesh copies.

In this tutorial you will learn how to apply reflection and blur effect on graphical elements, scenes or live video.

Reflection when applied on an object in a scene, gives a realistic look and feel to the texture of the object (i.e. plastic, metal, wood or glass). WASP3D helps you set materials and texture for 3D elements, images and stock video files along with live video for texture mapping.

The blur texture feature in the drone designer, (the real-time 3D graphics creation environment of WASP3D), provides a library of shades to create various effects ranging from a simple Gaussian blur to more advanced shaders such as depth of field, ambient occlusion and more.

Real-time rendering helps reduce dependency on third party software. WASP3D Community Edition is a popular broadcast graphics creation environment of the WASP3D Enterprise / Pro and Xpress Edition.

Graphic Artists, 3rd Party Developers, Technology providers can learn from our feature tutorials and use this opportunity to evaluate WASP3D’s, build solutions and applications, and share their creations with potential clients.

Our free downloadable version can be used for personal, educational & also commercial usage is free to download.

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