WASP supports various disk-based video formats such as MPEG, AVI and WMV in 24- and 32-bit formats. Depending upon the end use, WASP recommends a combination of videos with specific codecs. But playing video in a real time graphics suite has its own challenges so the user should be cautions while using videos in real-time graphics playout engines. Important points when using a video:

  • Any video to be sued should be loaded from the local drive of the playout engine.
  • Please make sure that the video size is as per the use, for e.g. 512 x 512 video texture should not be used on a 64 x 64 rectangle.
  • Usage of number of videos in one scene is directly linked to the GPU and CPU of the machine. Faster and higher configuration would support more videos. For e.g. (with i7 5th generation machine and NVIDIA 980 card we can play 1920 x 1080 6 DNxHD video in a template.)

Compatibility :