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Sports Graphics Broadcast Services

Sports broadcast production faces some of the greatest challenges in storytelling and “on the spot” analysis. Being able to react quickly and provide viewers with fresh visuals is one of the strengths of WASP3D’s Sports Graphics Workflow. Integrating live data from scoring boards and multiple other sources, such as social media, is just the beginning of 3D Sports graphics and requires different ways of presenting the story. Be it sophisticated full-frame graphics, comparative sports charts or OTS instant clip presentations, or using interactive graphics through WASPi Mimosa, Tracked Virtual Graphics or Augmented Reality Graphics, the WASP3D Sports workflow addresses Real-time Sports graphics productions within the studio and in the OB van at the same time. Broadcasters Globally opt for our Custom Sports Graphics Packages to handle projects like FIFA.

Enumerating the Big names in Sports Broadcasting who use WASP3D are : OGN, Televisa, DD National, Rede Record

Key Features

  • Remote production

    Using the DataBuzz module, sports producers can remotely assemble a new presentation and visualize how the associated real-time 4k Sports graphics and animations of the scene will actually behave on air. Sports Producers thus have the option to create “on the fly” Sports graphic designs using the available graphics to create a rundown without any boundaries. Templates can be accessed from different folders and multiple instances of these templates can be posted in the rundown to show the information graphically without any interaction with a graphic designer.

    The DataBuzz module allows a Sports Producer to literally assemble a variety of new graphical presentations in a scene and assigning data at will. For example, making a quick comparative bar/pie chart is a matter of filling on a form and assigning labels and data.

    The resulting presentation can then be assigned to a specific playlist at the studio to go on air. This can be achieved using a notebook computer.

  • Social media graphics "on the fly"

    Oftentimes, breaking news explodes in social media first but the amount of content is so overwhelming that sorting and finding newsworthy “jewels” becomes time consuming or difficult to manage. WASP3D’s Social Media Tree system automatically sifts through content and discards undesirable items (i.e. bad words via custom dictionaries, blocked topics or users, custom rules) to present Producers with valid content. Producers can then decide how the content will go on air, be it under a specific topic, scene of a particular playlist or even multiple playlists. Social Media content can thus be delivered quickly and accurately while the news remains hot.

Video Samples

Grupo Televisa Soccer World Cup Coverage
Televisa Super Bowl NFL